March 27, 2012

Cold Blast!

To all our spring show customers,
who had the brilliance and vision
to purchase a shearling in what
used to be known as "off season",
I am so happy you have a chance to
try it out before the fall,
and a reminder,
don't store it too deep,
you never know when you may need it!

March 17, 2012


Have you seen the fantastic jewelry of designer SooYoung Kim? I am lucky to have this talent next to me at the show this weekend. And we have an enthusiastic buying crowd coming in who seem to be liking what they find!

March 14, 2012

Craft Morristown

A cape for spring nights?

I hear this warm winter is setting up for next to be a harsh one....

I will make it worth your while to plan ahead!

Come see us at Craft Morristown (New Jersey) this weekend.
New work, plus terrific bargains.

March 2, 2012

GFS Craft Show

The show is set up and the preview is on.
Open to the public Saturday 10-6
31 Coulter St Philadelphia

Sandra Miller, knitwear designer in booth 60, is one of the many talents you will meet when you come.