February 29, 2012

New Work in Shearling + Spring Sale in Philadelphia

All shearling is not the same!

Some are very thick and heavy, only to be worn in the very bitter cold. The merino skins we construct our pieces of are more versatile for the variable weather we have had recently, a la nina type winter.

In fact, I have worn one of my light shearling jackets almost every day, it is suitable for temps up into the 50's.

Our cape collection is a perfect solution for a light throw in mild winters and chilly springs.

I am packing now for a show in Philadelphia this weekend, and along with the new "Confetti Collection", I will have the longest cape we have made, pictured at left. It is silky soft, has supple red leather trim, horn button closure, and decorative red stitiching                    
And did I mention I will have a "SaLe RaCk"?

Come see us!

GFS Crafts, friday-sunday March 2nd-4th

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