February 29, 2012

New Work in Shearling + Spring Sale in Philadelphia

All shearling is not the same!

Some are very thick and heavy, only to be worn in the very bitter cold. The merino skins we construct our pieces of are more versatile for the variable weather we have had recently, a la nina type winter.

In fact, I have worn one of my light shearling jackets almost every day, it is suitable for temps up into the 50's.

Our cape collection is a perfect solution for a light throw in mild winters and chilly springs.

I am packing now for a show in Philadelphia this weekend, and along with the new "Confetti Collection", I will have the longest cape we have made, pictured at left. It is silky soft, has supple red leather trim, horn button closure, and decorative red stitiching                    
And did I mention I will have a "SaLe RaCk"?

Come see us!

GFS Crafts, friday-sunday March 2nd-4th

February 16, 2012

Shearling Alterations

Recently we have been getting a lot of calls from people who have 
shearling, leather and fur coats that just hang in their closets, year after year, infrequently worn. The skins are usually in very good shape as they last for years, but like anything that just doesn't fit well, (and how many of us are "off the rack" sizes), it is just not being worn.

Alterations on these garments is very doable if you have the right equipment. Special machines to deal with the thickness, special needles to pierce the skins, and special thread that won't break. And needless to say, the skill of an expert craftsman, because once you cut or sew a skin in the wrong place,let's say not a good thing.

So now is the time to give us a call, before you move that garment back to storage to make room for your spring wardrobe. We only do this type of work off season, when we are not as busy with orders. Usually sending us a picture or two of the item will give us enough to make a rough estimate.

If you have a garment in need of updating email or call me, and have a good spring!


February 8, 2012

Napa Leather Shearling Coat at Germantown Friends Craft Show

We are always looking for new and different ideas for ways to keep
coats closed to keep out the cold, which is what our clients want.
We are always wondering about coats we see on models in magazines
that have no apparent closure.......how does one stay warm, especially on a windy day?
This winter we got an order from a woman who had difficulty with her hands due to Parkinson's disease, and wanted us to come up with something easier than buttons, snaps and zippers, so when
hubby or the doorman wasn't around to help, she could do the job.

Magnets were the answer.
Just strong enough to hold the front closed.
They are imbedded under the center front tape of this napa
 lightweight merino shearling coat.

Want to see it?
Next show
Philadelphia, Pa
March 2nd-4th