September 20, 2011

Fashions Night Out

Finally getting to report on this years Fashion's Night Out, the third, and hopefully not the final. We began the afternoon at Bendel's, that did a lovely job hosting vendors from the Hester Street Fair on the mezzanine. Uptown loves downtown.

They also had work from their illustrator for sale, quite reasonably.

Just an interesting room.

Hopped a bus to catch a few things downtown, and on Lafayette St. someone had invested heavily in zip ties to colorfully wrap a pole.

First stop, Partner's and Spade, doing a Buddy Holly birthday party with the very cool eyeglass company Warby Parker, and a lot of good looking people.

The door"man" at Patricia Field's wouldn't let us in with tote bags, so we took turns to get in and get our interesting goodie bags.

Veselka, and East Village institution partnered with Patricia Field around the corner to launch their new restaurant on First Street, a private party, but we got in. Great herbal infused Polish vodka cocktails, waiters passing Borscht and hors d'oeuvre potatoe pancakes. Yummy, this was great, and I will definitely be a customer.

After a wait at Prada where the band was late, we left to go back uptown, because Bergdorf's windows were soooooo good last year. They did not disappoint.
It was all about clothes. The maid was hanging laundry.

The girls were knitting.

Someone telling fortunes among her threads, of the next trend?

Next to Louis Vuitton, the girls were marching

An artist was painting in the logo

Ended our night at a great party at the OC Concept store on Madison, where everything was Swiss, delicious and beautiful. Stay tuned, this is all just a snippet. I will add more on whim.