June 30, 2011

The Highline

Last weekend I got to walk The Highline, and walk the newly opened section 2. The park is a wonderful New York experience, it doesn't seem like a it should be a big deal walking it, now from 14th st. to 30th st., but it is. It makes you stop and take in views you normally wouldn't. I remember somehow Toshiki and I gaining access about 30 years ago when it was an abandoned railway overgrown with weeds, and even then thinking it was magical.

We have had a lot of rain recently, and the wild flowers were magnificent.

Even the gone by ones, at dusk.

The birdhouses are sleek and modern, quite fitting to the neighborhood, but apparently still unoccupied. Must be the rent is just too damn high!

Unless you get there today, you will miss the first in this billboard series "Landscape with Path". This first piece by Joel Sternfeld, is a view of railroad in May of 2000.

Shadows of people walking The Highline on a building just east of it.

Another sunset, and we reach 30th as night falls, and Rainbow City, a place for kids to play.

June 15, 2011

American Craft Exposition

Again this year we will be kicking off our busy season by showing our new designs in shearling at The American Craft Expo, in Evanston, Il, a suburb of Chicago. It is a great show, benefiting a great cause, and cheers to the committee ladies who do a great job organizing it.

Here is a video that will give you a sampling of what you may see, besides our work,
at the show. Follow their blog for updates.


June 13, 2011

Savage Beauty

Fashion, art, performance, couture, philosophy, poetry.

Modern yet traditional.


It is once in a blue moon that an Alexander McQueen is born.

To be able to see a body of his work at the Metropolitan Museum of

Art, an honor, in inspiration, a humbling experience.

Jurors and committees that arrange shows of Fine Craft, heads up!

Look for this talent in our world, and make sure they are shown.

And to the public, don't settle for the mediocre when you come to

these shows; expect to be stimulated, to leave with more than you

walked in with.

June 4, 2011

Big Buongirono

I always try to catch shows on the roof of the Met, which is one of my favorite places in New York to be. The view changes with each installation. Last fall my childhood friend who is an avid hiker from Boulder Colorado came to visit, and it was a perfect place to take her.
I just read in the NY Times this week that the artists, Mike and Doug Starn, are doing it again over the Grand Canal in Venice for the Biennale. Wish I could go!

Here it was in New York.

And here is my favorite reflecting wall to fool around taking pictures of the art and me!