March 26, 2011

Moma, friday night

I love Target free fridays at Moma.
From the twenty minute line to check your coat (great things overheard, watching
the animated guy that tells you to get on line A, B, or C)
to whatever you may run into that you didn't plan on seeing.
In this case it was Looking at Music 3.0, which I spent a lot of time at sitting on couches
watching videos like Grace Jones, or listening on headphones to early Jay Z or Run DMC, whose DefJam recording studio used to be on our block on Elizabeth St. back in the day.

Then there was this room, and I am sorry I missed the artists name.
Reminiscent of Marcel Duchamps The Large Glass in format, computer parts were assembled to a graphic image. I liked the figures present in the room.

A little Pop Art

Some industrial design

A large Louise Nevelson, also lived in our neighborhood back in the day

Next post will be about the next show we are exhibiting in, NEXT WEEKEND, CraftNewYork at 7W!

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