March 12, 2011

Art at the Beach

I was on a search to find THE parking garage in South Beach last week,
and there it was.
1111 Lincoln Rd.
$65 Million.
3 Restaurants + Residences.
And fun to watch the cars come down!

Farther down Lincoln Rd. we ran into the ARTCENTER/SOUTH FLORIDA, with lots
of emerging artist studios. I was taken by the work of Natasha Duwin, an
artist in residence there.

And a big fan and long time shopper in Keihl's Pharmacy in New York, I had
to love their Lincoln Rd. store. Had all my products with me thou.

Every morning we scoured the internet, Zagat's, Yelp, Open Table, to see what dinner
would be, plus lots of recommendations from friends. We decided to try this Haitian
place close to our hotel, and it was great. Loved the food, loved the decor, loved the staff. Perfect, my kind of place for a casual nite out.
Tap Tap.

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Cecilia said...

Looks like a fitting place to celebrate an anniversary. Congratulations, you must be enjoying the warmth and tropical breezes....