December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays!

If you have a Toshiki and Maryszka coat, our assistant of
fifteen years, Rose, has been at our sides to make it happen.
Her skilled hands, and "let's get it done" attitude are just
what we need to keep the wheels rolling. Of course our silky
terrier Halle, and our new rescue dog Totoro, are the real
morale boosters!
So Happy Holidays to all from our team!

Toshiki and Maryszka


JoAnne Russo said...

It must be the year of the rescue dog! happy holidays to you!!

Toshiki and Maryszka said...

You too JoAnne!

woof woof!

Cecilia said...

It's the year of the little cutie rescues!
Merry, merry!

Kari L√łnning said...

A year of rescues indeed, but not just dogs. Kitt, the cat, walked into our yard in April (all bones and sweetness), sat down in front of Emma and hasn't left since!

Bless them every one!

Toshiki and Maryszka said...

And a meow happy new year to Kitt!