November 7, 2010

The Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show

I was cleaning the office last night and came across this, which I really can't remember what it was, but guessing our daughter and I were goofing around making a birthday card for Toshiki. Created a number of years ago (his 40th!), and I guess we were wait listed for the show that year. Sonia is modeling her "Healthy Angels" motorcycle jacket he had made for her.

Well this year, and many years, we are lucky enough to be juried into the show, which is next week! I hope you can come to this fabulous show, we will be showing our collection of shearling coats in booth 715!

PMA Craft, for info.

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Toshiki and Maryszka said...

thanks Ron for the flipped image. the truth is that when this was made, most likely neither Sonia or I knew how to do that