October 7, 2010

New York is a Stage

On September 10th New York solidified it's very own holiday. Fashion, creativity, partying, competing to be the best, the most innovative. While we certainly did not see even a tenth of what was going on that night, of what we did see I have to give my prize to the windows of Bergdorf Goodman, each one hosting a different performer, a vignette, an imagination......Top honors to Joey Arias and the Dream Music Orchestra.

Joey sang all the old classics, and really captivated the audience and we were all waiting on line to get into the store. After Joey, I guess karaoke with the Olsen twins would have been ok, but we decided to move on.

and the dream music orchestra (marionettes), you just couldn't believe you were here
and you absolutely couldn't take your eyes off them.

Another window had a hair stylist............

and one with a Motown thing going on........................

these chicks just kept spinning more hair, very Baroque

this guy kept pouring hot wax (Biba was mesmerized by this one!)

These two girls were hanging out in the same window. The blonde periodically tattooed the outfit, the little one was handling the dummies

Well this is my last post on Fashion's Night Out, which is almost a month ago already.
We did head back downtown after this, and around midnight finally got some food.

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Cecilia said...

The "spinsters"- were they actually spinning yarn? I love that shot and the concept!