October 3, 2010

More Fun Uptown!

After the party at The Four Seasons we wound up at Chanel where THE Karl Lagerfeld was holding court upstairs and making his way thru a crowd of fans, probably to another event.
(Just for fun, also check out the animation on his own website, scroll over it!)

It was at Chanel that I first saw Marcello Martinez, all decked out. I didn't actually meet him until a week later when we both happened to be in Central Park watching Madonna directing her next film, W.E.

By now we had been out for a while and were starving, so when we peeked into Louis Vuitton and saw all the waiters we immediately thought FOOD!, but they broke into a
chorus line performance, serving up handbags.
Always the unexpected on FNO!

My next post will be devoted to the best performance of the evening in my opinion. The windows at Bergdorfs.


Cecilia said...

Tell me more about FNO- is it once a month? I want to make sure my next trip to NY this fall includes this event! Great photos!

Toshiki and Maryszka said...

Once a year, this is the second one,so far held on September 10th.