September 11, 2010

The Twin Towers

In the early '80's we had a once a month gallery called "Initial Exposure", out of our loft on Elizabeth St. Essentially they were "openings" only, as we had to live and work out of the same space. Toshiki's photographer friend, Kyoshiro Yoda, had stayed with us for a month while he took pictures around the city, so at the January show that year we showed his work. He left us the prints when he went back to Japan.

This one has always been especially dear to me. Back when the Twin Towers were first built, on a beach created from digging the foundation, before it was all built up and landscaped.
There was also something called "Art on the Beach", with installations you could wander around. It was a pretty great time for us.
We were young, creative, inventing the Toshiki and Maryszka label,
and drinking up the city and all it had to offer.

So on this 9/11, a remembrance to all.

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