September 28, 2010

Fashion's Night Out, 2010

I have been going nonstop since early september, and haven't had a chance to
post much, so I am promising to catch up with things I don't want to forget.

The 2nd to be annual event, Fashion's Night Out happened on September 10th,
worldwide, but I was lucky enough to be in New York City.
The shops outdid themselves and it was a blast, again.

Today's post is about starting out the night at the Ace Hotel in Chelsea,
The line wasn't too bad at 5:30 when my friend and I started out.

There were about a dozen quirky booths, and the ambience was a buzz.

If you bought a wool beret from a roving vendor, you got a free stick on mustache.
I saw them all over town as the night wore on!

Stripe Tee's I guess are very French and the item to have

To be worn with Keds, I guess!

My friend Biba was considering some shoes.

Tomorrow's post: Bond St. Black Carnival

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JoAnne Russo said...

will we see Biba in new shoes at Philly?