August 24, 2010

Half way to Evanston!

Toshiki on a coffee break, with our booth in tow.
See it all set up thurs-sun at The American Craft Expo.
(and Biba, your light tracks are packed up too)

August 22, 2010

The American Craft Exposition!

We are leaving in the morning to Evanston, Il.

August 20, 2010


Through out our lives, our bodies may change in size,
and styles may change a bit too.

Last week Joslyn came to our studio from Philadelphia.
She has been a collector of our work for about 20 years,
and had lost some weight.
Our pieces are limited editions and one of a kind, so worth preserving.
The coats were still in great condition,
and she still wants and wears them,
so we got to work measuring.

Alterations, taking apart a garment and essentially putting it back together,
are a bit of a challenge in leather and shearling, but with careful work
it can be done.

This shearling has many colors of lambskin pieced together, some
may need to be matched and replaced as the seams are altered.

This purple coat is her newest, and only needs slight adjustment.

Toshiki has a tendency to say not a big deal, but this leather
jacket with all the stitching looks like it may be some work to me!

This western influence piece was the first piece she got from
us years and years ago at
The Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show.

It is so rewarding to have our pieces live on.
And what a great email we received the next day!

"...... And thanks so much for taking such good care of my jackets. As you can tell - I consider them lifetime pieces. I was thinking on the way home that, while I am not a collector in any other way - your fabulous Very Special Jackets are becoming my one set of collector's items."

August 11, 2010

The New Season

Our first serious show of the fall 2010 season
is coming up this weekend, in Great Barrington, Ma.
Please come see our newest work, and other fine craft

below, a black merino shearling coat
trimmed in punched lambskin tape backed with white leather
topstitched in white