June 15, 2010

The Art of Craftsmanship Revisited:New York

We had a wonderful outing this weekend to Governor's Island, to see a special exhibition, The Art of Craftsmanship Revisited:New York. As appreciation of hand workmanship has gotten lost in the shuffle in today's world of outsourcing,especially in this country, we have to thank LVMH and Parson's School of Design to bring it into the limelight once again. We are very much in this world as we are in our studio every day with hands on creation of our shearling coats.

The show was informative with lot's of video's to see the work being made, and at a slowed down pace as you have to leave Manhattan to see it, so it put you in the calm frame of mind needed to be attentive to such detail.

My favorite quote from the show was "The genesis of luxury is craft".
Although this show was produced by luxury goods makers, who still practice these
techniques, "Luxury Craft" is alive and well in America and being produce daily in small studio's across the country. We are exhibiting in some of the finest shows this fall, including The American Craft Exposition and The Philadelphia Museum Show.

Check our schedule for all shows here.

And if you want to enjoy a trip to Governor's Island, the show is weekends only in June.

Too many photo's and I wanted to convey the ambiance of the day, so a slideshow...........

The Art of Craftsmanship:Revisited, New York
Jun 15, 2010
by maryszka


JoAnne Russo said...

cool!! great shots! it's almost like being there!

Cecilia said...

Love this slide show! I've forwarded it to my NYC friends and family so they can go to Gov Island and see it in person. Make sure you pick up a copy of the book "Deluxe-How Luxury Lost its Lustre." It's fascinating and goes along with this show. Speaking of shows, congrats on your primo schedule lined up for fall....can't wait to see your new work!