June 1, 2010

Friends of Fashion/Loris Diran

Recently Toshiki and I attended a collaborative event at
The Pierre (showing off their newly redecorated lounge),
Loris Diran (showing off his new collection),
and Friends of Fashion , a shopping/support the fashion industry endeavor launched by my childhood friend (yes, we grew up on the same street!),
Kathleen Beckett.
Over the years I kept up with Kathleen thru catching one of the many articles on style and fashion she wrote for Vogue, or Elle, or New York Magazine, so it was fun to finally be able to catch up in person.
We both wound up in New York,
with apartments about the same proximity from one another
as were our childhood homes in Connecticut.

Loris Diran works the room,

As do the models

Who were gorgeous!

as were the clothes.
fine job, Loris!

And the champagne flowed........

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