April 27, 2010

Back Home, editing photos

We returned home pretty late last night from The Smithsonian Craft Show, and pretty exhausted from a very busy show, where we were showing our shearling coats. I am feeling very good about the experience, the sales were good, the atmosphere wonderful, we ate at a very nice restaurant on saturday night, and another trip to Washington makes us love it more each time.
One of the very fun things about doing shows there, are some of the people you get to meet. In November, Madeline Albright gave a talk at the show, and I went to her book signing. I have always admired her.
On sunday, Dr. Susan Rice came down our aisle.
She is a foreign policy advisor, and our Ambassador to the United Nations.
Toshiki has always called her "my favorite girl" in this administration,
when he has heard her speak and read about her, and her style.
(And that she played point guard on a basketball team doesn't hurt!)
So I called her over and asked if she would mind me taking a picture so Toshiki would have it when he visits his family in Japan.
Look at that smile! It was fun to see that she was enjoying her day off at the Craft Show, she said she is a regular.
Thanks Susan!

(and reading wikidpedia, discovered they are both November scorpio's, Toshiki the 18th, she the 17th)

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Kari L√łnning said...

I was at that Washington Craft Show and talked to Madeline Albright. Sigh ... loved it!