March 24, 2010

A Family of Makers

My friend quiltmaker Ann Brauer recently wrote a blog post
about her grandmother, and some of her history.
She ended with a question, what traditions do you have?
That inspired me to honor my mother's youngest sister,
my "Chuchi" Sophie, that I visited last week in Connecticut,
on my way up to the show in Massachusetts.
My mother, her mother, and all my aunts were "makers",
of just about everything, which was a great inspiration.
We were always traveling around New England, looking in the
mills for materials.

My Chuchi Sophie had pulled out a project that she had put
away, oh, about 60 years ago, to finish.
(She did have a farm, she did raise two kids,she did go to college, became a teacher,
and made many other things along the way)

Then she pulled out a similar unfinished project.
A beautiful hooked rug.
It was to be a wedding present for my mother, 61 years ago!
(She did crochet a beautiful afghan and gave it to her on time, which I still have.)
Well, she said if she doesn't get to it,I can finish it.
But she's only 85, so there is still time!

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