March 28, 2010

My Bachi

My Grandmother
My Bachi,
Was the beginning of my family of
makers in America.
Born in Poland in 1889,
she came to this country when
she was 18,
with her friend.
Here they are pictured,
in blouses they made for the trip.
For those of you that know me,
you may see a resemblence to
Mary Niemiec, on the left.
She made her living sewing for people,
settling in Northeastern Connecticut
where a lot of Polish people had
come to work at American Thread.

March 24, 2010

A Family of Makers

My friend quiltmaker Ann Brauer recently wrote a blog post
about her grandmother, and some of her history.
She ended with a question, what traditions do you have?
That inspired me to honor my mother's youngest sister,
my "Chuchi" Sophie, that I visited last week in Connecticut,
on my way up to the show in Massachusetts.
My mother, her mother, and all my aunts were "makers",
of just about everything, which was a great inspiration.
We were always traveling around New England, looking in the
mills for materials.

My Chuchi Sophie had pulled out a project that she had put
away, oh, about 60 years ago, to finish.
(She did have a farm, she did raise two kids,she did go to college, became a teacher,
and made many other things along the way)

Then she pulled out a similar unfinished project.
A beautiful hooked rug.
It was to be a wedding present for my mother, 61 years ago!
(She did crochet a beautiful afghan and gave it to her on time, which I still have.)
Well, she said if she doesn't get to it,I can finish it.
But she's only 85, so there is still time!

March 14, 2010

Paradise City Arts

We will be exhibiting our work at the Paradise City Arts
show in Marlboro Ma. this coming weekend, March 19th-21st.
I will be bringing an eclectic collection of shearling capes,
with whimsical trims, great for spring dressing up.
We also have shearling short coats in purples and blues,
perfect for a lighter feel in chilly spring weather.
Our skins are Merino wool from Spain, so they are light
and easily bridge seasons.
One of our pieces was featured in the spring PA magazine.
For more info, check the Paradise City website,
or a link from ours, see show schedule.

March 9, 2010

Smithsonian Craft Show

We have just been invited to show our leather and shearling work at this years Smithsonian Craft Show, to be held April 22nd-25th, with a preview nite benefit on Wednesday April 21st.It is held at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. It is quite an honor to show at this prestigious event, and our minds are already in overdrive making plans to create those extra special pieces we have been thinking about. Now is the time!

photo from previous show from

March 1, 2010

The Modern Stole

Recently we have been working on a collection of shearling capes
with various trims or leather fringes
They are perfect for making anything you wear glamorous
I have been calling them
"The Modern Stole"
Out with the mink, in with shearling!
And great for spring when it is still chilly, but you want to lighten up a bit

I will be showing them, along with other light merino jackets at four select shows,
starting this weekend in Philadelphia
To find out more about these shows,