February 22, 2010

Begin year 30, Begin to Archive

29 years ago yesterday, Toshiki and I met at a party in Queens
that week a lot of things happened
we began a life together
we began a creative endeavor in fashion that is still evolving
known as the label,

During this year I would like to take and collect as many photos as I can of YOU, our customers, our collectors, who have purchased our work over the years, who complete our work by wearing it so well.

I need to begin documenting our history
If you have a photo to share, could you send it along?
If you are coming to a show,
could you wear our work so I could photograph you in it?

Below:Ingrid and Melissa in mid-late career Toshiki and Maryszka leather jackets visited our booth at the
a few years ago

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Ann Brauer said...

Your blog is wonderful--an inspiration--glad I am now following it. So much to learn but it is fun.