February 22, 2010

Begin year 30, Begin to Archive

29 years ago yesterday, Toshiki and I met at a party in Queens
that week a lot of things happened
we began a life together
we began a creative endeavor in fashion that is still evolving
known as the label,

During this year I would like to take and collect as many photos as I can of YOU, our customers, our collectors, who have purchased our work over the years, who complete our work by wearing it so well.

I need to begin documenting our history
If you have a photo to share, could you send it along?
If you are coming to a show,
could you wear our work so I could photograph you in it?

Below:Ingrid and Melissa in mid-late career Toshiki and Maryszka leather jackets visited our booth at the
a few years ago

February 9, 2010

Union Square Painting

On our way to the dog park in Union Square on sunday, we saw this guy doing a cool chalk painting. Curious as to how much planning went into the image, or if it was impromptu. Hey cool guy, if you read this, let us know!

February 5, 2010

The Rug Company

Walking across Spring St. today, I came across this pretty fantastic store window. So I got out my little Ricoh and started snapping. The walls were covered in aluminum foil and the northern exposed windows on a grey day lent themselves to some interesting reflections. So when I downloaded the pix, I was inspired to figure out something that I had been meaning to figure out......make my blog pictures larger. Blogger doesn't really have a way to size photos like this, but it wasn't very difficult with the help of Pavel.

Remember, I am standing on the street looking in
The skull is on the wall of the store