January 26, 2010


Sometimes you run into someone on the street who has a sense of style, as I did in November in South Norwalk, Ct., on this Gent who let me snap his photo.

Style is not just buying the most expensive name brand luxury items, but almost creating a collage of wearables to describe who you are, and add interest to the visual landscape in our daily lives.

I believe we help our customers create their visual persona when we work together on a custom design for one of our shearling coats (more photos on site soon, I promise!)

One thing I love to do a few nights a week is visit 2 of my favorite blogs, The Sartorialist, and Facehunter, to see who they have captured in their moment of looking good. Any one know of other sites I should browse?

January 22, 2010


Some say they have seen it all before.

When I see it anew, I feel like I need/want to step up my game.

Interesting to see/remember the influence the Bauhaus still had over my professors in Art School assigning our projects, especially some of the color studies.

January 12, 2010

Winding down.........

It is the height of our season, and we have been going more nonstop than the duracell bunny. And the whole country, and possibly the whole world has been in an extreme cold spell, we are very sympathetic to our customers who are waiting for their shearling coats to come. But we have kept on schedule, yea!

It is always a sigh of relief to get near the end, successfully, and to go on to some new design work and replenishing our stock.

Spring shows begin early march, and yes, it is still winter and those in the know come shopping for coats to be equipped with something fresh to wear late winter and have a jump on next fall.

Click here for our schedule.

We are also open to doing trunk shows if you have a group you think may be interested and would like to host one, let us know.

January 6, 2010

Maison Hermes Tokyo

Karibaskets tweeted this link this morning and I love it, had to share it right away! It is Maison Hermes Tokyo window display.

January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

We would like to take a moment to say Happy New Year, and thank-you to all of our customers, who have shown so much appreciation of our work thru your phone calls, your letters, your emails...and popping into our booth when we are at shows and saying..."I just wanted you to know I got a coat from you, (5,10,15 years ago), and I wanted you to know how much I love it! I get compliments whenever I wear it!........"
As our hands and minds go into every detail from the first conversation to the finishing touches of making, we are totally vested in our work, but it is YOU who complete the design process by taking it out into the world. Thank-you. And all the best wishes for Twenty-Ten!