November 29, 2009

Philadelphia Museum of Art

About 2 weeks ago we participated in a show that is put on by the women's committee of The Philadelphia Museum of art as one of it's major fundraisers. During our time in Philly, we met our friends George and Melissa, who both work at the museum, there for lunch and a tour.

Melissa was an assistant curator on this special exhibition of Marcel Duchamp........we had been hearing of her working hard on the exciting research of putting this show together over the last year.
We had an incredibly special treat of Melissa taking us thru the show, explaining how the pieces were found and all the details of installation.

Since art school, I had been intrigued by The Large Glass, The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even
and here it was
(took these, without flash, thought it was ok till I was corrected!)

Walking out to the Gorky show, we also caught these Ellsworth Kelly,
any of which I would be happy to live with

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