September 23, 2009

Roxy Paine

I love it when there is art that you can play around.
This is the case with the Metropolitan Museums special
exhibition on the roof, Roxy Paine's: Maelstrom

We could play with our cameras and reflections

and take home some fun visuals

September 11, 2009

FNO: a blast!

Fashions Night Out in New York was an absolute blast. Period. The whole city was alive and buzzing, it was like one giant party, the whole town was was a celebration for shoppers, and the stores turned it, champagne and cosmopolitans flowed........the brilliant idea of Anna Wintour, backed by Mayor Bloomberg, to get us out of this funk of a recession, figuring if our spirits rose we would start spending. My friend jewelry designer Biba Schutz and I started out on a runway at a block party in the west village after champagne + cupcakes at Ralph Lauren......

After a few shops on Bleecker St we headed off to the Meatpacking district which was in the Ikea/Geek Squad tent after breaking a shoe and losing an earring, determined to move on with a shop till we drop attitude
Some young future fashionistas enjoying the night
after a few shoe stores, a Danish Band performing in front of Stella McCartney, we were at Diane Von Furstenberg on Washington St., where the adorable Diane Birch was singing

We stopped in at Jeffreys and looked at expensive clothes,
then went up to the High Line which was open till 11 for the occasion
from there we saw the first of these projections,
which were all over the city

chaises and blue lights on the High Line
10:15! What to do! We were still on 20th st.!
Hopped in a cab and went uptown.
Donna Karan on Madison was rockin with the electric violin of Caitlin Moe

The only plan I had for the night was to get to Barney's at 9pm to see Rodarte.
It's 10:30. Store mostly empty. Use the restroom. Let's just head up to the 2nd floor. Almost empty, except a few people and
THE TOLEDO'S, signing autographs.
We got to hang out there with a handful of people while Ruben did portraits of all who purchased their book. They were so generous, friendly and warm.
What a New York moment.
We literally closed Barney's down at 11:15, mine was the last signing.
The escalators were turned off, we were the last to leave the store.

Ruben doing portraits/autographs
Thank-you, Ruben!
11:30. Stores closed now. Window shopped Bergdorf's + Saks.
Talked to a lady who said Tiffany's was fab, young girls in french twists + blue shawls serving the clients; Audreys en masse.

Going home, exhausted.

September 9, 2009

There's a buzz in the air!

It's fashion week, the tents are set up in Bryant Park, and there is a buzz in the air. To keep the industry alive and thriving in this country, in this city, the mayor and the industry have created Fashions Night Out, which is part of a global initiative to restore consumer confidence. Events are happening in stores all over the city, staying up late. I have been mapping out my route, and will pick up a special map early. After all, shopping is one of the great sports of NY, and this sounds like fun!

September 2, 2009

Fashions Night Out, NYC

This sounds like fun! The weather is cool, fall is in the air, it is time to shop!