July 31, 2009

fashon, the soundtrak of my life

Growing up, we made all our clothes. I think I got my first subscription to Vogue when I was about thirteen, and would spend hours pouring thru the pages, often at my friend Mindy's house. I followed the girls,the models, as they created the perfect armature, the 3rd dimension, to complete the design. When the whole thing fit, it made my heart pound with joy. Beauty in design, on the models. The show I saw at the Met tonight,
The Model as Muse, was like going back in time for me, thru the years, the changes in fashion...........the changes in me, chronicling the history...........

July 27, 2009

New Number!

New Number 212.475.8324

New Mailing: P.O. Box 481, Lake Grove, N.Y. 11755

July 2, 2009

360fashion NYC meetup

Last night I attended 360fashion's first ever networking meetup in New York City, to discuss new media, which 360fashion founder Anina, is passionate about. It was held at a very cool SOHO/LES location, a multimedia arts location, Collective Hardware.
An intimate group of about 40 made it accessible to share ideas and information. Especially interesting were the speakers, fashion stylist Lisa von Weise, and fashion makeup artist Regina Harris.

Regina Harris sharing information with apiring make-up artists

Jewelry designers Biba Schutz and Natasha Wozniak

Anina's geek guru friend Gabemac documenting the event
In the foreground is the fabulous designer, Chesley Mclaren