April 1, 2009

Art in Motion

Josh Chaikin of Art in Motion

When we are doing shows one after another, here is a service we cannot do without. Art in Motion
will bring your stuff to the show and leave it at your booth spot
and then deliver it back home to you or on to your next show.
As we are asked by these shows to do more than any businesses expect of any individual employees (we make our work, we sell our work, we erect our booths, etc. etc. etc., yes we are whole departments rolled into ourselves! and of course no bonus's or bailouts!) somethings gotta give. So while at first it seems expensive, this service saves our studio time not to mention our backs.

1 comment:

Cecilia said...

Josh has the best costumes... always good for a smile and a laugh at the end of a long hard show. Go Josh!