March 1, 2009

photographing black

As a designer, and as a New Yorker, I love black. Some of our best work is all black, in my opinion, but as far as photographing it, it is difficult to catch the detail, and to get a photo that will catch the jurors attention when applying to shows. It seems that going thru thousands of images on screen, a blast of color has a better shot.
But in the booth, in real life, and wearing it, it can look this black suede shearling cinched jacket, trimmed in lambskin....the shine of the leather against the richness of the suede is very appealing to me.

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Alex Solla said...

Morning Maryszka,

Shooting anything black, and NON-reflective is tough. BUT the best way I have seen to capture this, ironically, is to shoot it against a black background, and then backlight it, so you catch the edge of the garment/subject, then have your main light come down at a 45 degree angle from above. Both of them on a very low power... so as to not try to LIGHT black, but rather to give shape and texture to the black, ie pick up contour, texture and stitching.

Check out this link that came through my blog reader this morning.

I think that this could really work well for shooting dark shearling.

Lastly, I think your studio tour of how a garment comes together from idea to wearable, was amazing. I kept wanting to comment, but the past couple months have been nothing but HOCKEY! Almost done.