February 17, 2009

Still Winter

It is still very cold here in New York, and I will be doing shows in March where you can purchase a lightweight Spanish Merino Jacket, and begin to use it this spring until you put it away and are ready for fall and winter again.

Here is Sonia in a red/black version with colorblock lambskin trim.
Whimsical, stylish, and luxurious to wear, to appeal to all your sensibilities!

made to measure, email for more info

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nancy said...

Hi M -

It is DEFINITELY still winter! I did a little happy dance today as I put my lovely shearling headband on, in preparation for walking from the Arts Quad to the Law Quad. BRRRrrr... but my ears were very toasty and stylish. :-)

Love the coat in this post. Very fun with the "checkered" piping!

Stay warm-