February 20, 2009

mad museum, and more

Yesterday I needed to deliver a shearling coat to a client who lives on 57th st. near Columbus Circle. I had been meaning to get up to that neighborhood, to visit The Museum of Arts and Design, or MAD. Formerly the American Craft Museum located on 53rd St, they moved to 2 Columbus Circle. Watch this video from the NY times for the interesting history of this building, including the renovation. 

Above, a building in the area, not sure what it is. Anyone know?  

What a pleasant surprise. Loved the space. 
Especially loved the exhibition, 
"Second Lives: Remixing the Ordinary" (thru April 19th)
I had many favorites, but one piece that stood out was 
(needs to be seen in person, photo on her site doesn't capture the beauty)

Also got to take in a blustery winter walk in Central Park.

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Anonymous said...

MAD is one of my very favorite museums in the city, certainly one to follow. So glad you enjoyed your visit! I'm wicked excited to see "SLASH" and "READ MY PINS" this fall...

BTW: the faceted structure nearby is the Hearst Corporation Tower:)