January 30, 2009

The problem with doing it all

One of our resolutions again this year is to better document our work. But after we make it, and are always on the go
to do shows to try to sell it, we are all so busy and snapshots are few and far between. How I would love to have an
image of every thing we have made in the 28 years we have been making very limited edition and one of a kind coats. If you happen to have one of ours, please take a photo and email it to us! We would love to be able to have a record, either of you on a great European ski vacation, or just walking to work, all the things our coats get to do!

I did manage to get Sonia up on the roof on Elizabeth St. last week and took a few photos. But we were both too rushed, the fresh snow made glare, and the color didn't come out well.
We will try again!

January 22, 2009


If you are in the area on saturday, please stop by our studio!

stay tuned!

I just got back from Washington, with an impromptu trip to the inauguration, and my work schedule has been abit askew! 
As there is more timely news in my next post, I will continue with my series on coat construction next week.
Sorry for the delay!

January 15, 2009

the next steps

after all the seams are sewn, we flatten them and comb out the wool on the inside
when you first flatten the seam, the wool has a space where the stitching is
combing joins the fibers, so you cannot see the seam, and it keeps the cold out!
when this is done, we hang the coat on a mannequin overnight and weight the hem
shearling being leather, and a natural product, has some give, and we want it to hang straight
here is the coat ready to put the tape on

January 13, 2009

making a shearling coat

Once all the pattern pieces are cut out of the shearling, we clip the adjacent pieces right sides together,

and then stitch. After 2 pieces are stitched together, it is flattened and combed to blend the wool 

January 9, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well we pretty much have been holed up in the studio since our last show in December, but I am finally emerging to wish every one a Happy New Year! For all of you still waiting for your coats, just want to let you know we are healthy and working hard, and not lying around on some beach somewhere!
One of my new years resolutions is to post more often the this blog. I got an iphone for Christmas, so when I am on the road I can post from shows to give you a glimpse and review of what is going on when I am on the road.

But for now, I am going to begin by taking you thru a documentation of what goes into making a coat.
After a custom pattern is made and cut out, the skins are selected. As they are a natural product, there are slight variations in thickness and wool, and there is a "nap" so they all need to be directionalized. 
Joclyn, (who has been a customer for a long time!) here is your coat pattern on the table. The trim tapes for this one
are already made, but I will be posting all of these processes in the next couple of weeks.