December 28, 2009

Telluride Colorado

Our friend Baerbel from the Telluride Gallery of Fine Art just sent us this holiday greeting photo. She is the one in the front of course, wearing her Toshiki and Maryszka shearling coat, which is perfect for the weather out there! Thanks Baerbel, Happy Holidays to all our friends out there!

December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays!

The Toshiki and Maryszka Studio wishes everyone Happy Holidays, and
looking forward to a wonderful year Twenty-Ten!

These girls are wearing two styles of shearling hoods we introduced
this year, as well as the shearling headbands we have been making for years! Hoods available by order in Black, Brown, Green, Red and Purple.

December 11, 2009

Craft Boston

Today thru Sunday at the Cyclorama, 539 Tremont St. Boston. We have.
Merino Shearlings in blues , purples, browns and blacks.

December 10, 2009

Holiday Craft Boston

I think Craft Boston has made an excellent choice in moving the
holiday show to The Cyclorama is in Boston's very hip south end. Being
in this historical location alone is worth the trip to the show, and
there are lots of good restaurants in the area. Show hours are fri
10-8, sat 10-7, and sun 11-5.


November 29, 2009

Philadelphia Museum of Art

About 2 weeks ago we participated in a show that is put on by the women's committee of The Philadelphia Museum of art as one of it's major fundraisers. During our time in Philly, we met our friends George and Melissa, who both work at the museum, there for lunch and a tour.

Melissa was an assistant curator on this special exhibition of Marcel Duchamp........we had been hearing of her working hard on the exciting research of putting this show together over the last year.
We had an incredibly special treat of Melissa taking us thru the show, explaining how the pieces were found and all the details of installation.

Since art school, I had been intrigued by The Large Glass, The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even
and here it was
(took these, without flash, thought it was ok till I was corrected!)

Walking out to the Gorky show, we also caught these Ellsworth Kelly,
any of which I would be happy to live with

November 27, 2009

Washington, D.C., seeing some sites

Sometimes traveling to shows we take a day to take in some sites. This trip I went to a booksigning by Madeline Albright. Below she is asking me about my nationality and name which she pronounced perfectly, saying I know, as I am Czech!

Our hotel was just a few blocks from the Capital, so I ran down the night the House was voting on health care to take a few pix and send some good vibes

Monday after the show was unseasonable warm and beautiful so we took a walk down to The Mall and discovered a Roxy Paine "Dendroid" sculpture by the ice skating rink in the National Gallery sculpture park. I think we caught it in it's first week there! You may have seen my earlier post on the roof of the Met in New York with his work.


Absolutely my favorite spot, the Newseum, on Pennsylvania Avenue.
News is how we tell our story; culture, politics, world events,all so moving, whether it be a huge screen joyous film of Woodstock at 40, actual sections of the Berlin Wall, or other dark spots in our history, I became very emotional a number of times. Give it a day.
There is a veranda and nice view of the city also, to take a break

Checkpoint Charlie

Loudspeakers blasting news over the wall from west to east

Part of the World Trade Center transmitting tower, and other views see from the huge glass elevator

November 21, 2009


This weekend! These shoppers never miss a show

November 15, 2009

If you're in Philadelphia.......

It's the last 4 hours to shop the Museum craft show at the convention
cente! Come see us in booth 715

November 11, 2009

Best in Show, The Philadelpha Museum Show

The best flowers, always
The best bartender, Juwan
Add Image
The best artist, Robert Farrell
The best server, Terry
Best fashion that came in to try on our cape
The best aisle, the 700's, Toshiki talking to our neighberAlign Center furniture maker Bradford Smith

The Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show

The shoppers came out for the opening party!

November 7, 2009

The Washington Craft Show

I am standing here listening to the wonderful Madeline Albright speak
about her collection of pins at the Washiongton Craft Show

November 3, 2009

Two Important shows

We are on our way to D.C tomorrow,

The Washington Craft Show

and the following week to

These two shows are the best in the
country, not to be missed.

We are still putting the finishing
touches on some pieces, so come see
our efforts, we are well stocked with
new shearlings!

October 14, 2009

Let's go Shopping!

Hey girls!
The fabulous Westchester Craft Show is this weekend!
Let's go!

October 8, 2009

iphone mag

I have just created an online magazine of our shearling coat designs for the iphone on 360fashion mag app. If you have an iphone and would like to see it, go to the app store, download the free app for 360fashion mags, and voila, you will see ours (thumbnail says T + M, outlined in green). You can link thru it right to our webpage, and see upcoming shows also.

Let me know if you have looked at it, and what you think by clicking on the comments link below and say something!

Maybe you would like to create your own mag!

September 23, 2009

Roxy Paine

I love it when there is art that you can play around.
This is the case with the Metropolitan Museums special
exhibition on the roof, Roxy Paine's: Maelstrom

We could play with our cameras and reflections

and take home some fun visuals

September 11, 2009

FNO: a blast!

Fashions Night Out in New York was an absolute blast. Period. The whole city was alive and buzzing, it was like one giant party, the whole town was was a celebration for shoppers, and the stores turned it, champagne and cosmopolitans flowed........the brilliant idea of Anna Wintour, backed by Mayor Bloomberg, to get us out of this funk of a recession, figuring if our spirits rose we would start spending. My friend jewelry designer Biba Schutz and I started out on a runway at a block party in the west village after champagne + cupcakes at Ralph Lauren......

After a few shops on Bleecker St we headed off to the Meatpacking district which was in the Ikea/Geek Squad tent after breaking a shoe and losing an earring, determined to move on with a shop till we drop attitude
Some young future fashionistas enjoying the night
after a few shoe stores, a Danish Band performing in front of Stella McCartney, we were at Diane Von Furstenberg on Washington St., where the adorable Diane Birch was singing

We stopped in at Jeffreys and looked at expensive clothes,
then went up to the High Line which was open till 11 for the occasion
from there we saw the first of these projections,
which were all over the city

chaises and blue lights on the High Line
10:15! What to do! We were still on 20th st.!
Hopped in a cab and went uptown.
Donna Karan on Madison was rockin with the electric violin of Caitlin Moe

The only plan I had for the night was to get to Barney's at 9pm to see Rodarte.
It's 10:30. Store mostly empty. Use the restroom. Let's just head up to the 2nd floor. Almost empty, except a few people and
THE TOLEDO'S, signing autographs.
We got to hang out there with a handful of people while Ruben did portraits of all who purchased their book. They were so generous, friendly and warm.
What a New York moment.
We literally closed Barney's down at 11:15, mine was the last signing.
The escalators were turned off, we were the last to leave the store.

Ruben doing portraits/autographs
Thank-you, Ruben!
11:30. Stores closed now. Window shopped Bergdorf's + Saks.
Talked to a lady who said Tiffany's was fab, young girls in french twists + blue shawls serving the clients; Audreys en masse.

Going home, exhausted.