November 3, 2008

Washington and Philadelphia

We are putting the final touches on our newest work and packing the car to go to two great shows. The first, The Washington Craft Show, (Nov. 7-9) is our ONLY show in the D.C. area until next year at this time, so don't miss it! 
Susan Boyd will be on hand to do a talk at 3 pm on saturday, entitled 
"Five Rules for Reviving What's in Your Closet with Artful Accessories"
Wondering how to bring personal style to a basic black suit or off-the-rack dress? Come learn the five rules for updating your fashion allure with craft art accessories, as fashion consultant Susan Boyd demonstrates and answers your style questions.

The following week is The Philadelphia Craft Show, (Nov. 13-16).
Both of these shows exhibit  absolutely the best craft/artist/designers, and are considered the 2 best shows in the country featuring living national treasures (us!), and give us a chance to make a living creating work with our hands.
We have just gotten in some beautiful skins in vibrant blue, purple and red from Spain, and will be showing shearling coats in these, as well as a palette of browns and black, both off the rack and to order in special sizes. You can also chose your trim colors and designs and be a part of the creative process.  Our limited edition and one of a kind pieces are made in our studio on 
Long Island. Below is a blue merino shearling one of a kind coat, trimmed with brightly colored lambskin.

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Mary Anne Davis said...

I hope both shows were successful for you guys! I still love my Toshiki/Maryszka coat I got years ago. The best coat in my closet.