August 28, 2008

American Craft Expo

We just returned from Evanston, Il, just outside of Chicago, exhibiting at the American Craft Expo. The show was fantastic. I just wish Michelle Obama had come, since it was in her neighborhood, but I guess she is kind of busy!

What I wanted to show you was a little of what goes on before and after a show. We have about 1000 lbs. of stuff
to get there, between our stock and our booth, and need a little help, especially during the fall shows which are
very close together. This show is 1000 miles away, so we have Josh Chaiken, of Art in Motion, take it all for us,
as our studio time is precious just before a show of this caliber. Then we can fly and avoid two days of driving.

Josh doesn't come to Long Island to pick it up, so we meet him at a convenient location, often as here near the 
Javits Center. We have two large crates plus three smaller crates to hold all the stuff. We try to do it late at nite
when NYC traffic and heat have died down.

If you do craft shows, have you found a good way to transport your stuff?

August 15, 2008


we have been having so many storms this summer, which make for amazing skies
took some pix from the studio roof while working late one nite

August 1, 2008

dig this/Duffy

heard this chick on Anina's blog....................had a good moment listening, and watching the moves