July 31, 2008

Home Delivery

another free friday evening at Moma (courtesy of Target) we took in Home Delivery:Fabricating the Modern Dwelling.
It was fun to wander thru the prefab homes which had been erected on the vacant lot next to the museum.

the sunshine house was my favorite, below, and above the one with the big deck.

my friend Toni, who splits her time between Louisiana and New York, found this Katrina house in New York to pose in front of

loving silver and orange, I was intrigued by this laser cut wall design at part 2 of the exhibition on the 6th floor

July 13, 2008

back to work!

I began today to get ready for our first show of the season, which is in Guilford Connecticut
this coming thursday, friday, and saturday. An Artrider event, It benefits the Guilford Art Center, and from what I hear is in a lovely town, on the village green. I experimented with some black and white fabric and leather tote bags for the summer, and will also be showing some new designs in shearling and will have a sale rack

July 10, 2008

Brooklyn, again

I wanted to see, ©Murakami, which was about to end, so off I went to Brooklyn, again. I saw those "waterfalls", two of them anyway, from the D train on the way over...........wasn't too impressed, seeing them from that distance, in the day. I think you need to be close to them to get the impact, and I think nite would be more interesting, so unfortunately you may have to go on the circle line to get up close.........
anyway, when I was changing trains at Atlantic Ave and Pacific St., (only the New York ego could eliminate the rest of the continent and have these two streets intersect), I saw this. Not sure if it was an installation or infrastructure,
but pretty nice looking.

at the Eastern Pkwy stop for the Brooklyn Museum the art starts before you leave the station, with these specimens of urban archaelogy surrounded by mosiac tiles

I never liked the new addition on the front of the museum from the outside

but I do like the front lawn

but once you are inside the lobby it is quite a nice space, and functional

there was a group of kids being inspired by the Murakami  piece in the lobby
and so was I. It was a good show, I like the integration of art/fashion idea, and the Louis Vuitton shop in the middle of the show.
hurry up, it ends this weekend.  

July 1, 2008

inspiration in Queens/after 53rd st.

I wanted to learn more about the artist Olafur Eliasson before seeing his waterfall installations this summer in New York Harbor, so I hopped on the LIRR to catch the last day of his show at MOMA, and then the 2nd part at PS1 in Queens. The train I was on had a "pedestrian accident", (suicide) and we were almost 2 hours late, I made a mad dash for Moma to see the show entitled:

I had to slow down, and immerse myself in such things as a hallway of yellow light that took color out of everything (including skin)
and mirror box's placed in a window so when you looked down you saw up

a wall of moss

a dark room of light and smoke...................

a little divergence to see some interesting work by Israeli artist Sigalit Landau 
these are objects made of barbed wire, then immersed in the Dead Sea and then dried in the 
desert sun...........

I still had 3 hours so off to Queens and PS1 for the 2nd part of TAKE YOUR TIME

(a little graffiti across the street)

PS(public school)1 is housed in an old school, with lots of rooms for gallery space

and this began the most enjoyable part of my day. Going to the outer boroughs is for me like going on little vacations. Here you enter the school yard, and where other summers they have created a beach, this year an urban farm has been created.

so 2 weeks ago, I saw pigs in Brooklyn, yesterday, roosters in Queens.
what's not to love about New York.

It was curious that photography was allowed inside Moma, but not PS1.
I am not sure how all this will inspire our collection of shearling coats,
but it will, in some way