June 19, 2008

inspiration in Brooklyn

My friend, jeweler Biba Schutz, and I had tickets to see a very edgy performance of Macbeth directed by Grzegorz Jarzyna at the Tobacco Warehouse in the Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park in Dumbo, Brooklyn.
We took the opportunity to wander around a bit beforehand, had dinner on the waterfront, snapped a few pix, like this one which I am sure every photographer model and tourist has snapped, but this is my take on it, the Empire State Building seen from Washington St.

The performance was put on in conjunction with the Polish Cultural Institute, to create cultural ties between the U.S. and Poland.

Everything about the evening was sensory, from entering the bar,

the ascent to our seats

the audience, sitting between two bridges with the din of traffic and trains passing overhead, were given headphones
which all the sound and spoken word were transmitted thru,

the stage,

the Manhattan Bridge to our right,

the Brooklyn Bridge to our left,

but mostly the production, which exemplifies how little we have changed as a people since the time of Shakespeare. What an evening.