May 28, 2008

studio view

Long Island is a bustling place, but we get a sense of serenity from the third floor window in our studio in Lake Grove. Summer is a good time for a visit, to order a shearling coat for fall delivery. On your way to the Hamptons? Make an appointment to stop by!
We are 54 miles from lower Manhattan and 45 miles from Southampton.

May 22, 2008


a very long time ago after visiting potter Mary Anne Davis's studio, we went to have a bite to eat at Florent, way before the meatpacking district was a trendy place. It is now closing. When it started out the rent was about $1300, now it will be over $30,000/mo. But the owner seems okay with it, but to me it is sad to see another pioneer, one that started to make the neighboorhood what is is today, go. There should be some kind of historic preservation for these types of places.
To get a sense of the history, read the article in the Times this week.

I went there yesterday with my friend Mindy, who was visiting from Boston. All the maps on the walls are for sale on ebay. Florent himself is a map artist.

a very interesting New York story don't miss this video!