April 27, 2008

You've come a long way baby..........The Transformation Age

I was talking with my friend, jeweler Biba Schutz, today about a PBS special, by Robert X. Cringely, we had seen this weekend, on technology transforming our lives, and trying to wrap our minds around what WE could do with it. Both having used technology for years, but as recent as this past September on an evening walk home from an event, we were trying to understand this very format of BLOGGING. (And here I am now!) We were going to a talk about it the following night, at the American Craft Council Library. Serendipitously, a young woman approached us to ask for subway directions, and we chat with her for almost an hour. Her name was ANINA, and she was on her way home from shooting a segment for this special, which would air in the spring. She described herself as a global nomad, a model, who was very into technology, living in "real time", communicating via cell phone in so many more formats than just talking...........She runs a company called 360Fashion from her phone, to keep fashionistas of all sorts connected and informed. I have been following her blog and story as an inspiration, and she has been a great mentor to me. You can catch the PBS segment on her, here.

Below is a video clip from my first smartphone, a Treo, shot at Matsuri Restaurant in NYC on New Year's Eve, 2005. It was very dark in there, and the quality is quite poor, and I don't know quite what I am doing, and notice Biba is commenting that my phone has a "movie camera" in it! This is a fond memory both for the great food, good time with friends, and a document that we have learned something in these 2.5 years!

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