April 1, 2008

tax time and the creative mind

they just do not mix.................art, craft, and the process of making craft, and the paperwork of running a business.
at least not to me. I have been doing the best that I can for years, hating every single minute of touching every single receipt and keeping records. but to save money I tried to do it all myself, and think I have been pretty damn tidy and organized, because even thou I hate it, I do recognize that it needs to be done, and have probably done better than most in our world and have run an honest business. 
but now there is a young dude conducting an audit: it has taken months and months, much more time and $ than makes any sense at all......................he is relentless and I believe is making his career on ruining me..............at least stomping out some of my creative juices.................
happy spring. 


Alex Solla said...

Sorry to hear the auditor is making your life so miserable. Coming on the heels of NOT-the-greatest show of spring cant help any either! It was wonderful getting to see you in Boston. How about next time we find time to get away from the show and chow down on some good eats? Know that despite all the hardships, hard knocks and hard shows... you and Toshiki are our heros; always raising the bar for fine crafts and sticking to your guns. Thank you!

-Alex and Nancy
Cold Springs Studio

CREATIVEGoddess said...

Love your work! I agree, as a designer, I cannot fathom working with numbers. While I spend a few hours agonizing over the receipts, I've made sure to have a CPA in my back pocket -he's my insurance policy!

Best of luck and hope to catch you at a show.