March 24, 2008

"Two Who Believe Fashion Is More Than Flash"

I was struck by this article by Cathy Horyn in the New York Times Styles section this past thursday. For all of you who have waited a long time for your Toshiki and Maryszka shearling coats, and can't quite figure out what we are doing kicking around in our studio, I just wanted to say ditto for us on the title of this article, and pull some quotes from it, things like

   "But in recent years, as more emphasis has been placed on personality and creative flair, craft has taken a back seat to other considerations, like embroidery and novel prints. Craft is more than setting right a sleeve. It involves patternmaking and fit, qualities that have diminished partly, if not purely, as a result of the decline in skilled cutters and tailors in New York and Italy."

"Everybody knows that clothing is expensive. But if the industry is to avoid becoming a white elephant, it needs discriminating consumers, not merely rich ones. It needs designers who are more interested in what goes on with the inside of a jacket than what is added to the outside."

Toshiki and Maryszka have been doing it all, with the help of  one assistant for the past 27 years.  We would like to have a bit more help, but these skills are diminishing as more of our textile work is outsourced, and we cannot find even one more assistant with the skills to work with us. And thanks to Rose, who has been with us for more than ten years now.

We will be showing our work this weekend at Craft Boston, so for those of you who do not want to see this kind of work also becoming "a white elephant", order early!

I often call the craft world the "ultimate insourcing"!

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