February 22, 2008

Organizing Patterns

Having finished up orders from our fall/winter shows, it is time to make new work, and organize our patterns.

We make a pattern for each size of a style, and each of you that ordered a custom
size a pattern is made for you, with your name on it.

Many of you like the shape/ fit of a coat, and order another one a few years down the road, changing the color and/or trim for a different look, so we keep your pattern on file.

So the amount of patterns accumulate, and it is time to get things in order.
Below are a few of our pattern racks, and muslin's done for fittings.

Each pattern consists of many pieces, and have to be laid out on the skins with consideration for
the "nap" or direction the wool goes, and different parts of the garment are laid out on different
parts of the skin, as stretch can differ.

As shearling is a natural product, consistency varies in size also, so careful thought needs to be given to laying out each garment so it hangs well.

Many designers use the edge of the skin to determine the hemline, as getting it straight is more difficult!

Below is our cutting table with a coat pattern being laid out.

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