November 2, 2007

Working overtime

I have been working nite and day getting ready for our biggest show of the year, the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, which begins next week. Not only have we been trying to create our best work of the year for this show, but we have upgraded some components of our display, which always takes a lot more planning and time than you think.

The pressure is really on because the Museum Show has such a loyal following and we have developed a strong customer base for our shearling coats there. They truely appreciate our work, and participating in this show for many years has really given us a chance to be independent designers and makers living and working in the United States. Thank you Philadelphia!

I did get into the studio with the camera today and caught Rose cutting lambskin tapes to peice together
for trim (as our dog Halle looks on),
And finally a look at some of the colors I put together, using a beautiful cappucino shearling we recently found. I think
the combination with black is yummy.

Hope you all get a chance to come to the show!

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Natasha Wozniak said...

I will be visiting the show, so see you there, and good luck getting ready!