July 24, 2012

Toshiki & Maryszka Shearlings, new website!

New Blog/Website

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July 19, 2012

Has Barbie gone DIY?

Barbie, recycling, Fashion Institute of Technology.... time to take a break from it all for a few weeks.

Will be spending my time between the beach and the studio, designing for fall.

Will post before packing up the new work, so check back soon!

June 28, 2012

Small Business Summit

On monday I had the priviledge to attend 
put on in conjunction with
American Express Open,

(follow OPENForum for some great tips,
it's on top of my morning agenda now!)

It was a jam packed day starting at 7:30 am
I left at 6 pm, completely juiced with ideas and new energy.

From the morning keynote by Scott Case (founding CTO, Priceline,
to the ending keynote by Scott Belsky, Behance,
and a lunchtime panel including among others
Neil Blumenthal from his very hip company,

Morning + afternoon "Breakout Sessions" allowed us to choose to attend in smaller groups to hear topics discussed that we were interested in. Quite frankly, I wish I could have attended all of them, instead of just four!
These sessions were intimate enough amazingly that we all met one another and participated

One of my favorite sessions was "Evolve Your Brand", and hearing
stories of such very cool small business owners like, Red Slice,
Katrina Markoff, pictured below left.
They were all totally accessible, and great conversations happened.

Of course Social Media was a hot topic in every aspect of business today, from networking with peers, connecting with
customers, spreading the word.

Through out the event keyboards and phone pads were clicking
with tweeters and bloggers.

But one of the oldest "Social Medias" was also being utilized,
live real time drawing of what was happening in the breakout sessions, by artist Heather Willems.
All this stuff was being said in our session!

She said, "I just draw really fast!"

Here she is below, marker in hand.
Isn't she great?
I think she's fantastic!

June 7, 2012

Shearling + Fur Alterations

Now is the time!

Why aren't you wearing that beautiful coat?
Is it the length? The fit? Showing wear, or date?

We can help!
Our studio creates finely tailored outerwear and is equipped with the knowledge and machinery to repair or alter almost any shearling, leather or fur garment.

email us a pix, or call for an appointment
m@veryspecialjackets.com  212.475.8324
studio is on Long Island

May 13, 2012

Old Salem Farm

Our booth is set up here in North Salem New York
We are open Wednesday thru Sunday, May 16-20, from 11 am
Our booth is down near the espresso cart on the cobblestone walkway
There is shopping + horse watching + beautiful grounds to enjoy!

Old Salem Farm click for info

April 17, 2012

American Craft Exposition

The jury is in, and we have been accepted to 
The American Craft Exposition show in Evanston, Il. 
Yea! We will get to work now to bring some exciting new shearlings!